Hey all,

Because it’s summer and most of us aren’t in close enough proximity to talk on a daily basis, I decided to post weekly updates about my experiences from Dr. Thompson’s writing challenge in the hope that our community can grow stronger and those of you that are writing can talk about it without feeling foolish or lame depending on your progress and those of you that are not writing get a little entertainment. Feel free to post about your progress or your summer goings-on if you wish. Here it goes.

  I wrote off and on the last few weeks just to keep myself interested in my story, a story I’m continuing from the spring, but Tuesday was the first day of my writing challenge. Why Tuesday? I forgot to start on Monday. My goal is set at 250 words per day. I originally wanted to just set my goal at a page a day, but I would have felt like a cheater if I said I wrote a page but most of it was dialogue making the final word count less than 250 words. Despite my goal’s short length, the last few days have been rather difficult because I’ve entered a bit of a lull in my plot. I’m trying to move slowly and really develop everything but I’m going so slowly, I feel the urge to throw in something stupid like a random nuclear explosion or aliens. Thankfully, I have enough self control to keep myself from butchering the plot. I am getting bored though and I’m running out of ideas. Unlike some people, I don’t really plan what is going to happen in the story. I have inklings, but I make up a lot of the plot in my head a few hours or minutes before.  Its easy to see how it can cause problems every once and a while.That comes with the writing territory though. So, to sum up my progress, I’m writing 250 words per day, getting bored, and I’m facing some minor inner turmoil. But like The Little Engine That Could, I’m still chugging my way up the mountain and that’s the important part.

If you guys want to share anything with the club or have any questions, concerns, or comments, feel free to write a post 🙂 Hope you guys have a great week, I’ll post again soon!