Salutations friends,

I hope everything is going well, even if you aren’t writing. Week two has gone a bit better than week one for me. The biggest thing that happened though, was that I had a bit of an epiphany. I was sitting down one day writing, feeling frustrated because it felt like the plot was moving slowly, when I realized that it feels like the plot is moving slowly, because it is. I’m only writing 250 words a day, you can’t even do a load of wash in that amount of time. So how can I expect to write a masterpiece? What I’m doing is writing a first draft. It’s okay if it is slow and boring because I’m just trying to hash out the plot and get down a first draft. The point of this story is to hopefully make you guys feel better because everyone struggles and at this point, a great deal of you are probably writing first drafts and you shouldn’t feel pressured to get it right. In short, just hang on for the ride. Once I got over that, it was much easier to do my daily writings. Aside from that, everything is going well, I’m getting deeper into my writing and I’m happy about that. I hope you guys are doing great and having a good summer. That’s all for now, Jillian Benedict, signing out.