Goody day, 

For the sake of everything pure and good in the world, I hope more than a few of you are enjoying this beautiful day in air conditioning or a pool, if not then watch out.  Supposedly there is more violence in the warmer months. Probably because people’s tolerance for stupidity shrinks in hot weather. Thankfully, we don’t have to worry about each other being stupid because we are focusing on the task at hand, writing! Week three for me specifically!

Now, I know I sound cheerful, but in actuality, I am just as frustrated as I was in week two but for different reasons. Because my story is getting longer, I have to add more plot devices and characterization to make what the main point of the story is (at least what I think the main point is) apparent to the reader. But, with the addition of more characters, situations, and variables, I’m having a hard time keeping my character consistent. Now, does she need to stay consistent? Not necessarily, but she doesn’t feel like she is changing the way I want her too and when I want. So I’m hesitant to write some days because I don’t know how to characterize her correctly. I guess in as few words as possible, I have a slight form of writer’s block. I keep reminding myself that it’s just a rough draft, but I’m beginning to question my writing ability and my mental stamina. The kicker though, is that for all I know, from an outside perspective my story could be just fine and dandy. A reader might know exactly what I’m doing, who each character is, and what is going on in my protagonist’s life. But, since no one has seen the last dozen pages, I’m freaking out because to me, there are certain things that just don’t sound right or feel right. Oh so many possibilities! Let me know if you guys are doing any better. I hope so, this crisis roller coaster is soaking up too much energy and making me look way too conceited!

Until we meet again,

Jill 🙂