Good afternoon ladies and gentleman,

Hopefully everyone is feeling dapper today. I for one am very peachy because I have completed the thirty day writing challenge. Huzzah! While it wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies, it was a unique and ultimately helpful experience in more ways than one.

Each writer has their own individual process. But without this challenge, I’m not so sure I would have figured out what mine was. It is difficult to decipher your own process when the pieces are shorter. Since I’ve taken the time to expand on a longer piece, I’ve really tapped into who I am as a writer and how that translates onto the page. Now, that doesn’t mean the pages I’ve written during the thirty days are good. They show some promise but the point was and still is, just to write, not to edit and clean (but if you on an indivudal scale want too, then by all means go ahead). So, in terms of quality and plot I still have a way to go. That’s why I have decided to keep writing as much as possible over the next few months to see what I can do. After all, you never know how much potential you have if you don’t try to reach it. Whether or not you guys are writing or continue to write or read is up to you. But I definitely suggest doing something creatively stimulating this summer because, I don’t know about you guys but my brain would begin to atrophy without it. Besides in my experience, it was incredibly helpful to me not only as a writer but as a person. Either way, I hope you guys are enjoying your summer and as always keep in touch, I know I will!