The call for papers for the annual Susquehanna Undergraduate Literature and Creative Writing Conference is now live.  This conference is held every year at nearby(ish) Susquehanna University.  It’s only one day, with a reasonable registration fee ($30.00), and Widener students are encouraged to submit proposals.  It’s a great opportunity to get your work out there, earn a nice item for your resume, and participate in intelligent discussions about literature and writing.  Even if you don’t plan on graduate work in English, participation in an undergraduate conference demonstrates professionalism and communication skills, and gives you a chance to practice networking, speaking in public, and meeting deadlines (something some of us continue to need to work on).

This year’s conference theme is “Freedom and Responsibility.”  The conference is on February 18, 2013.  Deadline for proposals:  November 30, 2012.  Think about submitting a 300-word proposal on something you’ve written for a past ENGL or CRWR class, or something you might be working on in the fall (I’m looking at you, Senior Sem folks).