Aloha everybody!

With summer coming to a close and classes starting soon, I figured it would be nice to hunt for some great last minute fun things to do before the semester gets too crazy. In case you were trying to forget, I wanted to remind everyone that the fall semester starts next week and after the first two days of class, things are going to get a little less interesting. Lucky for us, there’s no reason to stay at home and pout in the mean time because we’re close to the city of brotherly love! I’ve done a little exploring, looking for a “last hurrah” so to speak and I’ve discovered some pretty cool websites and events that you guys might be interesting in checking out before fall gets underway. The first website some of you might know if you enjoy more literary based events. , is a great site for finding information on upcoming literary events in the Philadelphia area. All you have to do is look at the upcoming dates, find an event you like, click on it, and gather the information for yourself. It’s really simple and helpful. Some events include a talk with Amy Goodman and Denis Moynihan about The Silent Majority, and an upcoming author event at the Central Library with Junot Diaz and Samuel R. Delany. What’s even better, is that from what I’ve seen, a number of these events are free or relatively cheap which is great for poor college students!

If these don’t tickle your fancy, is a fantastic website to look for more upcoming events in the Philadelphia area such as ten dollar single class Pole Dancing lessons until September 14th (hey to each their own) and  State of Young Philly Weeks, a two week event series that focuses on the voices of youth.

Still hungry for more? has more general events for the adventurous type including a summer night film screening at Penn’s Landing the last two Thursdays in August and the details for Center City District Restaurant Week, the last two weeks in September (I know it’s not literature, film, or music, but I happen to think that a good ham sandwich is a thing of art). So even though the depression is creeping up on you, there is plenty to combat it and keep your free summer spirit alive for a few more weeks! Aside from that I hope everyone enjoys their last week before school starts and the late summer sun before you hit the books.