I just wanted to say congratulations to Professor Esch for the recent publication of his storyWalking Distance” by the online magazine The Stoneslide Corrective! If any of you are interested in reading it, feel free to check it out at http://stoneslidecorrective.com/?p=1734.

“Walking Distance,” focuses on youth’s fight against and within a rigged system. The group sell magazine subscriptions door to door along the East coast, stretching from Pennsylvania to Florida but suspect their boss of lying to them when they are due to collect their wages at the end of the summer. Follow Rico and his coworkers as they struggle to get what is rightfully theirs in “Walking Distance.”

James Esch resides in West Chester, Pennsylvania, and teaches literature and writing at Widener University. When he is not teaching, he is editor of Turk’s Head Review (turksheadreview.tumblr.com) and works with students as a faculty adviser on The Blue Route, Widener University’s student-run online literary magazine (http://widenerblueroute.org/). His work has been published recently in The Resurrectionist, Lyre Lyre, The Sonneteer, HOUSEFIRE, and 322 Review.