A month or so ago, I read the novella, Cataclysm Baby by Matt Bell, for my creative writing class. I found that a lot of my classmates didn’t really like it, but I found it different and interesting. I write a lot of science fiction and fantasy pieces, especially long form, and the idea that someone could come up with twenty-six different apocalyptic and broken worlds, absolutely astounded me.

The book is basically twenty-six flash fiction pieces about twenty-six different types of post-apocalyptic worlds. Each of the twenty-six chapters has a father speaker, and children or worlds that they describe–especially what is wrong with those worlds.

The imagery and descriptions are both very well done and very gruesome, though I must put out there that not every world was so disturbing! I think that some of my classmates were put off by how seemingly violent and awful each new world was. But to me, turning the pages into the next chapter was just another insight into an incredibly imaginative, though sometimes horrific, world.

As a science fiction and fantasy writer, I tip my hat to Matt Bell for using such imagination and creativity.