I hope everyone has had a successful and worthwhile semester!  If you’ve been keeping up with the blog, then you know there’s been some great stuff happening with Widener English and Creative Writing the last few months — thanks especially to Jill for all her hard work!


I’d like to give a little shout-out to the folks in ENGL 361.  They did some really amazing work on postwar British fiction this semester — a sample of which you can see here and here from Chara — and I learned so much from working with them.  And now you can too!

As part of our work for that class, everyone wrote a blog post commenting on the state of contemporary fiction and the ways it does or does not remain relevant to our culture today.  (If you’re interested in a recent April 2012 report from the Pew Research Center on the reading habits of Americans, here you go.)

After a round of anonymous peer review, the class chose the top three posts to be published here on the Widener English blog as welcome-back featured content in January.

So:  in the new year keep an eye out for informed and insightful commentary on the state of contemporary fiction — and why the novel is still so important to us — from Emma Ricciardi, Elena Harshaw, and Jill Benedict!  The first will be published on the first day of class, and then the rest over the second half of January.  Hopefully an inspiring way to start a new semester — in the meantime, have a great break, all!