While the end of the semester around here can get pretty busy, there is still plenty to celebrate.  This year Professor Daniel Robinson supervised a truly excellent group of senior English majors in their thesis projects.  Yesterday evening in the Drost Room of Wolfgram Library saw the presentation of “William Wordsworth:  Life Writing in Verse,” a panel offering digests of the papers.

Maria Klecko '15 introduces the panel.
Maria Klecko ’15 introduces the panel.

Expertly moderated by Maria Klecko (ENGL/COMS ’15), the work focused on Wordsworth’s The Prelude.  Discussion ranged from Wordsworth as poet/Wordsworth as character, the author’s response to the French Revolution over the course of his poetic career, Wordsworth’s affinities to and reflections on theories of the mind and the sublime, and Wordsworth’s relationship with his sister and muse, Dorothy.  Presenters were Nicole De Guio, Nicolina Givin, Josh Meo, Mike Corey, and Jillian Benedict.  (Go to the jump for the full titles of their projects.)

The students benefited from Professor Robinson’s expertise–his latest book on Wordsworth, Myself and Some Other Being: Wordsworth and the Life Writing is due to come out from University of Iowa Press any day now–but they themselves demonstrated a great deal of insight and scholarly acumen in the presentation of their work and fielding of questions.

Q & A
Q & A

All English majors pursue a capstone in the Fall semester of their senior year, directed by a member of the faculty and focused around a specific topic; at the end, in addition to sharing their work in a public forum, the students produce an article-length work of original scholarship.

Adding to the evening was the opportunity to meet and chat with students’ friends and family.  Congratulations to our seniors and to Professor Robinson!  And might we encourage students to consider submitting their work for presentation at a scholarly conference?  Check out the Northwest Undergraduate Conference on Literature (deadline 1/20/14), the National Undergraduate Literature Conference at Weber State (deadline 1/27/14) — or maybe even a journal of undergraduate humanities scholarship like Ellipsis or Valley Humanities Review.

Nicole De Guio, “The Collaboration between William and Dorothy Wordsworth”

Nicolina Givin, “‘Blessed the Infant Babe’: Sympathy and the Sublime in Wordsworth’s Poetry”

Josh Meo, “‘Enflamed with Hope’: Wordsworth’s Revolutionary Politics in the 1805 and 1850 Prelude

Mike Corey, “‘A Dark, Invisible Workmanship’: Dissonance and the Mind as Music”

Jillian Benedict, “Delineating the Self: The Necessity of Confinement in The Prelude