Dr. Daniel Robinson, Professor of English, published the paper “‘Unrememberable Being’: Wordsworth Writing about Writing about Memory” in the journal Grasmere 2013: Selected Papers from the Wordsworth Summer Conferenceproduct_thumbnail.php

The Goslar notebook reveals Wordsworth’s earliest attempts to understand the relationship between memory and creativity for the process of writing The Prelude. On the final page of the notebook, facing the inside back cover (on which Wordsworth also has scrawled a few lines), Wordsworth begins his backwards writing with an attempt to figure and thus to understand creativity. The word ‘inspiration’ appears twice at the top of the page, crammed between two attempts to figure out the relationships between the differing meanings of the Latin sense of inspirare, literally ‘to breathe in’, as metaphor—‘a mild creative breeze’, ‘a gentle inspiration’. Although the poem is yet unformed, these early jottings would become the opening of The Prelude.

He also recently presented at the 129th Modern Language Association Annual Convention in Chicago. His paper “Wordsworth and the Spectral Lyric; or, A Scotland of the Mind” was part of a special session on Scottish literature. The paper focuses on a series of poems called “Poems Written During a Tour in Scotland”that Wordsworth published in Poems, in Two Volumes (which also includes the daffodils poem, “Resolution and Independence,” and the “Intimations” ode).