On Student Project Day last Friday, students in Professor Daniel Robinson’s Textual Scholarship course gave a presentation on work they have been doing all semester:  learning the principles of scholarly editing, and assisting in the production of a new edition of the poetry of Wordsworth and Coleridge (a project of Professor Robinson’s, forthcoming from Bloomsbury).

Maria Klecko, Jillian Benedict, Josh Meo work on Wordsworth
Maria Klecko, Jillian Benedict, Josh Meo work on Wordsworth

Jillian Benedict, Maria Klecko, and Josh Meo have had a unique opportunity in experiential learning through their work in this brand-new course, one that complements and enhances their study as English majors.  During Student Project Day, they spoke about the ways in which working as editors deepened their knowledge and appreciation of the authors they worked on, gave them insight into publishing for both scholarly and general audiences, and offered a chance to practice analytical skills in a whole new way.  They even shared some informed thoughts on where scholarly editing might go in the digital age.

Opportunities such as this, for experiential learning and undergraduate research, are one of the things we are proud of in English, and at Widener, and we’re excited about our ability to offer further opportunities next year.

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