The last couple of weeks have seen quite a few new poems from Professor Ken Pobo.  We encourage you to head over to Silver Birch Press to read “Extremely Middletown”The Lake for “Great Journey” and “Elegy for a Calamondin,” and Unbroken Journal for a really fantastic short prose piece, “Wet Cellophane”.   If you want to keep up with Professor Pobo, follow him on Twitter, @KenPobo (where you’ll also get the lowdown on the playlists for his weekly radio show, “Obscure Oldies”).

I’m partial to this one myself:

Elegy for a Calamondin

Unwatered, the leaves,

green snow in a blue pot.

Seven small fruits

hang on barren branches,


angry eyes.  Perhaps I should

apologize to it.  Instead,

I make spaghetti, watch TV.

The oranges thickened

through summer days,

even in fall.  On Halloween

I took it in, gave it a sunny sill.


My spouse gets the vacuum cleaner,

sucks up leaves.  He’s both

funeral director and gravedigger.

Carrying it out,

he says nothing.