LOTS of exciting stuff happening around here lately.

  • We were delighted to host Professor James Donahue from SUNY-Potsdam as he visited campus to give a lecture on narrative theory and the importance of interdisciplinary work in literary studies.  Check out the video here!
  • The English Club put on a blast of an open mic Tuesday night, complete with raffles and cake for Wordsworth’s birthday.

AND…Come out on Sunday for Student Voices:

In conjunction with the Creative Writing ENGL/CRWR 308 Playwriting class, Lone Brick Theatre Company presents the 2nd Annual Student Voices Project on Sunday, April 12 at 7 pm in Alumni Auditorium.

This year’s staged reading features seven dramatic pieces, ranging from monologues to Ten Minute plays, developed in Dr. Pobo’s Fall 2014 playwriting class.Student Voices features the original work of Luis Aguilar, Emily DeFreitas, Matthew Drake, Devon Fiore, Taylor Jones, Gianna Sheridan, and Kim Vogel. In addition, the Lone Brick Theatre actors bringing the monologues and plays to life include Luis Aguilar, Jared Bernatowicz , Taylor Blum, McKailey Gordon, Carolyn Lodge, Nathan Mirando, Josh Mulzoff, Tyler Palma, Kirk Reichart, Erika Sprague, Kim Vogel, and Lizzy Yenser.

From a funeral for a man of questionable character to an altercation on a city bus, this year’s plays offer a delightfully cynical view on human nature. “There is a shared desire to find an answer to the basic question of why people mercilessly use each other that links these plays,” said Melissa Mowday, director of Student Voices and adjunct instructor of English. “The plays highlight the urgency of needing to find empathy and decency in others, which makes us question our current cultural climate of what is and is not acceptable in terms of connectedness.”