The Chester Writers House is many things.

A hub for experienced and emergent writers and all those who care about the written word.

A gathering space for members of the Chester community who are seeking support for their skills and an outlet for their voices.

A growing network of advocates for the arts and creative expression in Chester and the region.

Jayne Thompson working with writers at the CWH
Jayne Thompson working with writers at the CWH

It is the brainchild of Jayne Thompson, a faculty member in English and Creative Writing, and the fruit of hours of herculean labors on her part as well as the dedicated interns with whom she works.  These interns — Tyler Goodwin, Kimberlee Roberts, and Victoria Giansante — are English and Creative Writing majors interested in creating a community of writers beyond the campus and the classroom.

The Chester Writers House offers fiction and memoir-writing workshops, sessions on resume writing and grammar, and a host of other activities.  English and Creative Writing students may also apply for internships.

Follow the Chester Writers House on the web, on Facebook, and on Instagram.  They are doing truly amazing things!