This past Fall, senior English and Creative Writing majors closed the semester on a high note as they presented their Senior Seminar Thesis’. This year’s Senior Seminar was led by Professor Janine Utell, with a focus on James Joyce’s Ulysses.

Junior English major Emma Irving introduced the evening, providing background on Joyce’s work with a comic twist. Students then presented the results of a semester’s worth of research and writing on the modernist novel which takes on an unbelievable process of thinking. The eight episodes show a stream of consciousness that is carefully constructed will immense characteristics and humor. The group decided to switch things up this time and present in pairs in the form of a discussion with questions for one another. This made the atmosphere more relaxed, but yet still professional.

Joyce’s work through the minds of these scholars presented the audience of faculty, family, and friends with important themes of perception, transcendence, aesthetics, theory, intertextuality and more. We’d like to congratulate them on their hard work, and wish them a successful last semester as they prepare for graduation!

Here is the full program:

Kimberlee Roberts: “As Others See Us”: A Phenomenological Reading of Dismemberment and Perception in James Joyce’s Ulysses

Taylor Brown: “All are washed in the blood of the sun”: Pursuing Reconciliation and Transcendence in Joyce’s Ulysses

* * *

Tyler Goodwin: What If She Can’t Say Yes:  Consent, the Male Gaze, and Perceptions of Women in Ulysses

Dana Schweizer: Aesthetic Judgment and Theory: Stephen Dedalus and Leopold Bloom as Artists

* * *

Evan Kramer: Ulysses, Privacy, and Surviving the Awkward

Nicholas Demkin: Anti-Semitism, Violence, and Nation-Building in James Joyce’s Ulysses

* * *

Ashley DiRienzo: From “My Son Leopold” to “Mayor of Bloomusalem”: Using Cognitive Theory to Explore Family as a Social Unit in Ulysses

Jeannie McGuire: “Like Another Ulysses”: Shakespearean Intertextuality in Ulysses

* * *

Amanda Joseph: Joyce, Coleridge, and Wordsworth and the Romantic Themes In Ulysses

Joshua Schneider: Analyzing Video Game Narrative Through Modernism and Ulysses