This website is maintained by members of the English Department at Widener University, Chester, PA.


Annalisa Castaldo, PhD

Associate Professor of English

Michael Cocchiarale, PhD

Associate Professor of English, Creative Writing Co-Coordinator

Patricia Dyer, PhD

Professor of English, Director of the Writing Center

James M. Esch, MA

Senior Lecturer

Tara Friedman, MA

Senior Lecturer

Mark S. Graybill, PhD

Professor of English

Kenneth G. Pobo, PhD

Professor of English, Creative Writing Co-Coordinator

Robert A. Reutter, MA

Senior Lecturer, Director of Lone Brick Theatre

Jayne M. Thompson, MFA

Senior Lecturer

Daniel A. Robinson, PhD

Homer C. Nearing Jr. Distinguished Professor of English, Advising Coordinator

Janine Utell, PhD

Professor of English, Department Chair

Diana Vecchio, MA

Senior Lecturer