Chapter president, Elisha Keller, addresses the inductees, faculty, and friends.

The Alpha Eta Phi chapter of Sigma Tau Delta inducted new student and faculty members during Honors Week on Monday, March 20. Faculty sponsors Professor Patricia Dyer and Professor Ken Pobo, with assistance from student Kyle Gies and faculty Jayne Thompson and Diana Vecchio, conducted the annual ceremony. Chapter president, Elisha Keller, presided and spoke about the chapter’s work on literacy programs in Chester and on her own experiences as an English major.”Being an English major doesn’t limit my interest,” she said; “instead it allows me to be educated in a variety of areas from Shakespeare to education reform.” Welcoming the new members, Elisha remarked that majoring in English “not only teaches us about the world as a whole but about people as individuals and about ourselves.”

This year’s inductees include students Jillian Benedict, Michelle Callaghan, Emma Ricciardi, and Erin Sylvester and senior lecturer Rob Reutter. Graduation medallions were presented to seniors Kyle Gies and Elisha Keller. Dean Matthew Poslusny, Associate Dean for Humanities-elect Mark Graybill, and Professor Ilene Lieberman, Director of the Honors Program, were present to congratulate inductees and graduating seniors.

Members Kyle Gies, Michelle Callaghan, Erin Sylvester, Jill Benedict, Emma Ricciardi, and Elisha Keller.